A Fragile Fighter

Anna and Lennon Lucero

Anna and Lennon Lucero

One week into this world, handsome, brown-eyed Lennon Lucero underwent the first of three open-heart surgeries for hypoplastic left heart syndrome, a congenital defect where the left side of his heart wasn't fully formed. Lennon was fragile, but also a fighter.

At age 2, during a routine surgery that ended up requiring prolonged CPR, Lennon suffered severe brain damage.

The prognosis was grim. Over his next weeks in the hospital, Lennon was weaned off life-supporting drugs and machines until only the ventilator was left. He fought hard to breathe on his own. Doctors said he might only live two to three days more.

The Denver Hospice admissions, medical and counseling team developed a care plan with the family. Their first goal: Ease his pain.

"I don't know what the rest of his life could have been like if it were not for his care team. They listened to me and let me know that my opinion mattered," says Anna, Lennon's mother.

From there, Lennon's health would continue to fluctuate—he would rebound only to relapse again. In August 2016, 10 months after his surgery, Lennon passed away peacefully in his sleep.

"We had 10 months longer with Lennon," says Ma Joy, Lennon's grandmother. "I think that is absolutely due to the care and love we received through The Denver Hospice."

Provide Comfort, Compassion and Care

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