Meet Sue Miller

Ginny Eiseman and Sue Miller sitting together

Social worker Ginny Eiseman sits with Sue Miller (right) at The Denver Hospice.

Sue Miller was a survivor. This former model, author and breast cancer survivor couldn't have been more poised or passionate as she discussed her last mission: "I want to help take the fear out of hospice."

Never one to shy away from difficulty, Sue transformed her fight with breast cancer into what is now the Day of Caring, which provides information about preventing, treating and surviving breast cancer. From dispelling the fear of breast cancer to empowering women with mastectomies, Sue took her own struggle and made life better for others.

An annual event, the Day of Caring is in its 38th year and is in nine cities around the country. In 2002, in recognition of her many accomplishments and significant impact, Sue was inducted into the Colorado Women's Hall of Fame.

Sue's connection to The Denver Hospice runs strong. She was in her 70s when she earned her Master's in Psychology and interned with The Denver Hospice before opening her private counseling practice. When she became seriously ill, she and her family re-connected with The Denver Hospice, requesting our services and support.

She observed, "If you mention hospice to someone, they immediately think that you're dying. But the care I get is what's really important. They aren't caring for me because I'm dying, they're caring for me because I'm living. Entering hospice care can bring about some very good things. It is nothing to fear."

Help us continue Sue's mission to take the fear out of hospice and keep providing quality care to people and families in need of our services. To learn more, contact Kayla Arnesen at 303-398-6236 or